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This Doesn’t make sense.

It never did though.

Just roll with the punches

The kicks and the blows


Following hunches I…

Gave up long ago

Not to say they don’t remain

With spite and vengeance


I burn further for action

and cool for the flow.

I feel it come crashing

I beg for it though


But it never happens Tremain

and I simmer in the cold.



A picture is worth a thousand words

and those words worth a thousand more

for no two person’s interpretation

could be the same as the one before

The Title is the First Line

I’m waiting for the kiss you promised me.

There’s something cold in your lips the winter heat

A ridiculous farce is love indeed

Wit lust a trohpaea a priori

Delusions so fine intentions divine

Complicate in sooth make sweet what is brine

Romance is a method to get you supine

no further intention no goals of transcendence

Just stock exchange with an eloquent cadence

The delicate dance of the praying mantis.


Then ten foot lines, you might say, endeavor only vainly to put the past away
head of one, foot of the other, stand closer than friends and further than lovers
strands so divine colored black, blond, and wine blow in the wind as to this moment entwine
but would life remain still on one same vein, its languorous creep, its musical stain
Peace keep from me thy bland consistency
and be fucked thee, be fucked, peace you have no place in me, but surely I one in thee
no place in life but you will be thereafter a realm of black and alabaster
until that time i embrace disaster


Just a moment just a moment

Grey and white love to go

Let a beating little tight

Flow just from out your wrist

Let it seep let it pulse

Up into and round your neck

Have moment have a moment

For black to steep and bless

There’s a lily on the barge

Blowing wind’ly tenderness