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It is strange, and sad, to me how often these days people interrupt each other and talk over one another. I would agree that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a word can also have a thousand meanings itself, and if you value the words you speak as having meaning you would listen to the words of others with equal intent to the ones you speak.



This Doesn’t make sense.

It never did though.

Just roll with the punches

The kicks and the blows


Following hunches I…

Gave up long ago

Not to say they don’t remain

With spite and vengeance


I burn further for action

and cool for the flow.

I feel it come crashing

I beg for it though


But it never happens Tremain

and I simmer in the cold.


A Bright Blue Bag

It’s a sickening space. It gives me the shivers. A cringing ecstasy. The quiet hum of the building; The cold white lights.

He walks past me from where she is sitting to throw away the chinese take-out they were eating. She floats along untouched in life, diligent and blissfully oblivious to it’s potential roughness. The innocence of a small child never to be marred. At least not for a good many years still.

I feel it is a victory that we held eachother so close, for a time, yet let go nearly unscathed. She hops around flirtatiously in front of her current puppy-love character holding his hand. Lucky girl. She glances across this open space at me.

I have my hat pulled low over my face, trying, trying to study; Be inconspicuous so we can both keep going past each other, as if we never met in this life.

I look back up and she is gone. To her life has no gradation. All of it and everything it contains is either good or bad. Never both.

And to her I am bad…

Or maybe I am the one exception; The enigma in her mind which she couldn’t place…

Not a chance.

Maybe I should have tried harder. No, maybe I should not have given up so easily. Maybe I should have been more patient.

That kiss was just so empty.